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Latest version 6.5 released 04/18/2016

MSSQL-to-MySQL converter is a tool to migrate Microsoft SQL data to MySQL server. The program provides high performance of the conversion process: 2,5 GB MS SQL database is migrated to MySQL server within less than 15 minutes on an average modern system. Installation package includes command line version of the product to script, automate and schedule the conversion process.

  • MS SQL to MySQL converter supports all versions SQL Server (including Azure SQL) and MySQL running on Linux, Unix and Windows platforms
  • Option to synchronize existing MySQL database with Microsoft SQL data
  • Option to convert individual tables
  • The program converts indexes and foreign keys with all necessary attributes
  • Option to filter data for conversion with SELECT-queries
  • MS SQL views are converted into MySQL format
  • Conversion settings can be stored into profile
  • Multibyte (Unicode) character sets are supported
  • Console version of the converter supports command line parameters
  • Option to export MS SQL data into MySQL script file
  • Quick Launch mode allows to run the conversion with the single click of mouse button
  • Easy-to-use wizard-style interface
  • Unlimited 24/7 support service
  • 1-year subscription for updates


  • Stored procedures and triggers are not converted
  • Demo version converts only 50 records per table
  • Demo version does not convert queries/views and foreign keys


  • Microsoft SQL environment (server or client components of MS SQL must be installed on the same machine where you run MS SQL to MySQL converter)
  • Necessary privileges to write into MySQL database

Download trial version of MSSQL-to-MySQL

Note for Virtual Server users

Those customers who use virtual server hosting probably do not have sufficient privileges to create new databases on the target MySQL server. For this case Intelligent Converters recommend the following approach:

  1. ask Virtual Server administrator to create blank database
  2. run MSSQL-to-MySQL and select this database as the conversion target
  3. select "Overwrite the entire database" when asked how to process existing MySQL database

After completing these steps the entire contents of source Microsoft SQL database will be imported into the destination MySQL database.

Export into MySQL dump file

MS SQL to MySQL converter not only can migrate data to MySQL server directly, it can also convert Microsoft SQL database into a local MySQL script file containing statements to create all tables and to fill them with the data. This approach gives experienced users more control over the conversion, since they can post-process the script file before loading it to MySQL server. Click here to learn how to import script file into MySQL database.

Quick Lauch

Once conversion settings are stored into profile user can run MSSQL-to-MySQL converter in "Quick Launch" mode. This scenario can be used by double-clicking on the profile description (.m2s) file with left mouse button from Windows Explorer. Then the wizard will launch the conversion process loading the necessary settings from the specified profile.


Synchronization in MSSQL-to-MySQL is implemented as combination of insert MS SQL records that are missing in MySQL table and update existing MySQL records with MS SQL data. There are following conditions must be met for synchronization purpose: source and destination tables must have identical structures and have primary key or unique index defined. Let's assume both Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases have table "People" defined as below:

	FName VARCHAR(50),
	LName VARCHAR(50), 
	EMail VARCHAR(50), 
        Primary Key (ID)

This table has the following contents in MS SQL database:

    2	Andrew		White
    3	Phil		Johnson

In MySQL database:

    1	John		Smith
    2	Andrew		White

After migrating MS SQL data to MySQL in "Synchronize" mode MS SQL table is kept untouched and MySQL table is modified as (pay attention to the second record):

    1	John		Smith
    2	Andrew		White
    3	Phil		Johnson

Try before you buy

Still not sure SQL Server to MySQL converter fits your needs? Try free demo version of the product with limited features. It converts only 50 records per database table, it does NOT convert queries/views and foreign keys. Test the quality of demo version and order the full version if satisfied with the results.

Download trial version of MSSQL-to-MySQL


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