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About Us

Intelligent Converters is a software company specializing in database conversion and migration since 2001. We develop our software in order to meet conversion requirements of a wide range of clients whose businesses are connected with information processing.

The specialists of Intelligent Converters have extensive skills and experience in database software development. It makes possible to offer high efficient and reliable solutions having best quality / price ratio among the market to their customers. The goal of Intelligent Converters products is to convert database without data loss or corruption, preserving all necessary attributes and properties. The company provides all-in-box solutions as well as custom development service in order to meet needs of every database migration project.

Intelligent Converters software combines ease of use with powerful features in order to guarantee high performance of the database conversion. Due to easy-to-use intuitive interface and comprehensive tutorial, you don't need to be an IT professional to use those migration tools.

Intelligent Converters team not only focuses on products quality and innovative researches, the outstanding customer service is the top corporate priority. Following this way, the company built growing family of clients ranged from the world's largest corporations to small business. Below is partial list of Intelligent Converters customers:

General Motors IBM Intel Lexmark
Lucent Motorola Nokia Nortel Shell
Siemens Sony Stanford Sun Xerox